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Rainwater Harvesting System Manufacturer

Manufacturer of Rain Water Harvesting System

Having wide industrial expertise makes us capable of handling and developing very fine grade Modular Rainwater Harvesting Service. We understand the importance of collecting and storing rainwater and our team of dedicated individuals uses their excellent expertise to create the most viable designs for the same. In order to utilize the full potential of surface runoff harvesting and rooftop rainwater harvesting systems, we use adept manufacturing technologies and optimum raw materials. Considering the market standards, we ensure that these harvesting systems are available at cost-effective rates.

Water scarcity is a common problem in India and Rainwater harvesting can be the resource

Manufacturer of Rain Water Harvesting System

we need to get rid of this menace. The process of rainwater harvesting involves collecting and storing rainwater using artificially designed systems. These systems run off natural or man-made areas in the form of rooftops, compounds, rock surface, hill slope, and artificially prepared land surfaces.

Obviously, Rainwater harvesting is not as easy as it depends on a lot of factors. These include the frequency and quantity of rainfall received, types of catchments, demands of water, and the quantity of water that has run off. Another important factor is the volume of the rainwater storage tanks and the type of soil strata of that region.

Rain Water Harvesting can be broadly classified as


If we want to harvest the rainwater stored in the terrace of any building we can do so by interconnecting several downpipes which will bring the water down to the ground. Once the water passes through the filtration units this water may be connected to bore well and use for recharging. In case you an underground water tank for the bore well water, the filtered water can be moved to the tank. During the rainy season, you can use this water for various purposes.


Supposing the rainwater is getting wasted on the ground the same can be utilized too. You can use a recharging bore well with recharge filters to recharge it into the ground. However, this water may be contaminated and you may not be able to use it directly.


We have vast expertise in the domain of agricultural and industrial fields and our rainwater harvesting solutions solve water scarcity issues for them.

Manufacturer of Rain Water Harvesting System

Advantages of a Grey Water Recycling System

  • Roof catchment
  • Gutters/Rainwater conveying piping system.
  • Downpipes
  • Rainwater Filtration system
  • Harvested Rainwater storage /recharge system such as Tanks, Tube wells, Wells, etc.

Beneficiaries Of Rain Water Harvesting

  • Individual Houses
  • Residential Townships
  • Industries
  • School & Educational Institutes
  • Commercial Establishments, IT parks, Offices
  • Practically all places where Rain is falling on Roof or ground

Manufacturer of Rain Water Harvesting System

Rain Water Harvesting Plat Benefits

  • When the water level is down the farmers have to lower their tube well bore again and again. However, with our solutions, the water is available at all times hence no extra effort needed.
  • You can use water effectively and the runoff water is stopped from wastage.
  • Reduces the problem of flooding in urban areas.
  • Improve the vegetation thus boosting the environment.

Rainwater Availability Due To Rainwater Harvesting

(Volume of Water tanker considered is 10000 Liters)

Type Building Terrace /Ground area Average Annual Rainfall Rainwater availability /year (approx...) Equivalent water tankers
Individual House rooftop 1000 Sq. Ft 700 mm 60 m3 10
Multi-storied Building rooftop 5000 Sq. 700 mm 300 m3 30
Industrial Shed 20000 Sq. 700 mm 1260 m3 120

Rainwater Harvesting Filters & Systems

We, ERA Hydro Biotech, are an expert in water treatments and, also understand the criticality of water filtration. To make filtration of water processes simple for domestic & Industrial applications we have developed several standalone filtration units using first flush arrangements.

Rainwater Filter Models Application Approx. Terrace Area Caters
Rain Worth - RF Rooftop application 500-1000 SQ.FT
Rain Worth - OBO Rooftop application 8000-10000 SQ.FT
Rain TAP Rooftop application 500-1000 SQ.FT
Rain Worth - GRD Surface RWH application 8000-10000 SQ.FT
Note: Quantities of Rain Water Harvesting FILTERS will depend upon Rainfall data. Please consult us before ordering.

Keeping the scarcity of water and understanding its importance we design and supply Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) system and component for the following:

  • Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting
  • Surface Rain Water Harvesting
  • Rain Water Harvesting filters
  • Harvested Rain Water utilization systems

To make the noble concept of Rain Water Harvesting successful we are offering our expert services of:

  • Detailed site survey, consultancy, planning and preparation of the project feasibility report.
  • Turnkey project implementation for any buildings
  • Supply of Rainwater harvesting filters as per your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the potential of Rainwater conservation?

According to Pune’s rainfall intensity, i.e.@650-700 mm per season, a 1000 sq. ft. the terrace should give around 60000 liters of water per season. i.e. @ 6 tankers. This entire amount can go waste if not for rainwater harvesting. When you measure your top terrace you can compute the rainwater quantity efficiently.

What is the cost of Rain Water Harvesting System?

The cost of a Rain Water Harvesting project depends upon the following factors

  • Terrace area.
  • Arrangement of existing rainwater drop pipes & length of common interconnection header.
  • Quantity of Rainwater filters.
  • Length of the pipeline from filtration to recharge bore well or Water tank.

The building layout is unique for each and thus finding the exact price and option of RWH will depend upon the actual site visit & survey conducted.

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Who Can Be Benefitted?

  1. Engineering And Process Industries
  2. Manufacturing And Process Industries
  3. Residential Townships And Homes
  4. Educational Institutes And Hostels
  5. IT And SEZ parks
  1. Pilgrimage And Community Places
  2. Commercial Offices, Malls
  3. Government Offices and establishments
  4. Construction Site Labor Camps
  5. Marine And Transport Systems

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  • "Era Hydro- Biotech Energy Private Limited has provided us with a world class waste water treatment plant which is helping us recycle 95% of water resulting in huge savings"
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  • "Era Hydro- Biotech Energy Private Limited has provided us with a world class waste water treatment plant which is helping us recycle 95% of water resulting in huge savings"
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