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Grey Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer

Grey Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer

Grey water treatments systems have become the need of the hour and we are one of the biggest manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of some of the most technically advanced ones. The product range that we have to offer has been designed using high technology spares and parts and are equipped to remove very tough pollutants too. This collection has been made such that it removes all the harmful particles and chemicals present and assure that the water is deemed fit for further usage. Later this water can be used for other tasks like gardening and toilet use. These grey water recycle plants give you a water quality which matches well with the sewage water. You can later use that water for bathing, laundry and other tasks as well.

Grey Water Treatment Plants

Grey water can originate from the sinks, showers, baths, clothes washing machines or dishwashers. This Grey Water when compared with the Sewage water contains lower level of pathogens.
Therefore it is safe to treat the water present in GWTP systems. Later this treated Grey Water can be reused onsite for many other purposes like toilet flushing, landscape or crop irrigation, and other non-potable use.

  • Grey Water is wash water from bathing and washing machines & hand cleaning water from Washbasin.
  • You should have a separate drain line to bring Grey Water up to the plant.
  • From the generation point, grey water & Sewage Water should not get mixed.

Grey Water Treatment Plants

We design, supply and execute Gray Water Treatment plants (GWTP). Providing Grey Water Treatment plants as a supplier manufacturer, we have transformed the working of many companies who were facing water shortage.
The grey water treatment systems are provided in order to treat the waste water that comes out of activities like bathing and washing clothes. The pre-fabricated, skid mounted GWTP units like the ones we provide take care that we keep receiving water for tasks, like flushing, washing etc.

Grey Water Recycling System

Advantages of a Grey Water Recycling System

  • Reduces the fresh water consumption.
  • Cost efficient as you do not have to spend money on tankers.
  • Sustainable reuse of water
  • Reduced cost if compared to Sewage Treatment.
  • Pre-fabricated /Skid mounted systems hence you get low footprint.

Great Water Treatment Plant can be implemented to treat

  • Residential township grey water
  • Hostel Grey Water
  • Hospital Grey Water
  • Laundromat Grey Water
  • Guest houses Grey Water
  • Hotels Grey Water

Grey Water Recycling System

While Designing a Grey Water Treatment Plant, we consider

  • Personal habits of the users i.e. what they put in the system
  • Quantum of wastewater output
  • Area available
  • Soil conditions of the site
  • Type of recycling usage required i.e. whether it is for irrigation only, or for re-use within the home

Why Choose Us

One Stop Solution

We have strong expertise to fulfill your all needs in Water and Energy Conservation.

Qualified Team

We have highly qualified, dedicated and experienced operation and service team.

Strong Service Network

Well spread -within the reach, Service set up with quick & efficient support.

100% Compliance To Regulations

We have in depth know how of compliances required to fulfill Pollution control regulations.

Operational Excellence

Well defined, world class operating procedures to meet our business goals.

Strong Value System

We are committed to our core ideology of “Conservation of Natural Resources”

Well Engineered Ecofriendly Plants

Over two decades of experience and strong domain expertise empowers us with world class designs, time bound implementations and flawless ability to operate such plants.

Customized And Precise Solutions

We thoroughly understand your requirements and design best possible, affordable, reliable and trouble-free solution.

In Time Project Completion

Deadlines rule supreme, delivering on time every time.

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Who Can Be Benefitted?

  1. Engineering And Process Industries
  2. Manufacturing And Process Industries
  3. Residential Townships And Homes
  4. Educational Institutes And Hostels
  5. IT And SEZ parks
  1. Pilgrimage And Community Places
  2. Commercial Offices, Malls
  3. Government Offices and establishments
  4. Construction Site Labor Camps
  5. Marine And Transport Systems

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  • "Era Hydro- Biotech Energy Private Limited has provided us with a world class waste water treatment plant which is helping us recycle 95% of water resulting in huge savings"
    Shaya Hill
    Tax Advice
  • "Era Hydro- Biotech Energy Private Limited has provided us with a world class waste water treatment plant which is helping us recycle 95% of water resulting in huge savings"
    Alex Poole
    CEO DeerCreative
  • "Era Hydro- Biotech Energy Private Limited has provided us with a world class waste water treatment plant which is helping us recycle 95% of water resulting in huge savings"
    Anthony Jones
    Business Planner

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