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Sewage Treatment Plant System

STP plants is the process which is used to treat the water which is got polluted due to human usage to perform various day to day activities. This waste water generally referred as Sewage Water.

Various treatment technologies are developed to treat this sewage such as

Treatment Biological Process Advantage
Conventional Activated Sludge Process/ASP/Extended Aeration systems Aerobic & Suspended Growth Process Excellent Treated water quality
Mixed Bed Bio Reactors/MBBR/FAB/SAFF systems Aerobic & attached Growth Process Low Foot prints
Membrane Bio reactors/MBR systems Aerobic & Suspended growth process High MLSS and ultra-pure water treated water by Ultra filtration technique
Sequencing Bio reactors/SBR systems Aerobic & suspended growth process Batch treatment and simple in construction
Septic Tank Anaerobic treatment Low in energy