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Rain Water Harvesting

Owing to our vast experience in this domain, we are engaged in offering superior quality Rainwater Harvesting Systems. With the help of these systems, Rain Water Harvesting, bore well water treatment, recycling of treated sewage/waste water for non potable applications, swimming pool filtration & recycle can be done.

Rain Water Harvesting has two options

  • Roof top Rain Water Harvesting: To harvest Rainwater of terrace of a building by interconnecting various down take pipes (which brings roof rain water to the ground) and after passing through on line filtration units, this filtered water can be connected to casing pipe of bore-well for recharging purpose. If you have an underground water tank for bore well water, then if feasible this filtered water can be diverted to this tank. Due to this in rainy season you can utilise this water.
  • Surface Rain Water Harvesting: Rain water which is falling on the surrounding ground, can be recharged in to ground with the help recharging bore well having casing recharge filters. Since this water may have contamination as it meets ground hence it is not recommended to have direct usage of this water.

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