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Grey Water Treatment Plant

We have become a major manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a huge range of technically advanced  Grey Water Treatment Systems. Our range of products is designed from the high technology spares and parts to remove a vast range of pollutants. The collection is designed to eliminate varied harmful chemicals and particles present in the water and make the water fit for varied applications. The water can be used further for gardening or toilet flushing. Grey Water recycle plants offers very good water quality in comparison with the sewage water. The array makes water ideal for bathing, laundry and varied other activities.

Grey Water originates from sinks, showers, baths, clothes washing machines or dish washers. This Grey Water as compared with Sewage Water, contains lower pathogens.

It is generally safer to handle and easier to treat in GWTP systems. Treated Grey Water can be reused onsite for toilet flushing, landscape or crop irrigation, and other non-potable use.


  •  Grey Water is wash water from bathing and washing machines & hand cleaning water from Wash basin.
  •  You should have separate drain line to bring Grey Water up to the plant.
  •  From generation point grey water & Sewage Water should not get mixed.