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Biogas Treatment Plant

By Biogas Treatment Plant, organic waste food mass is broken down by a scientific process to get rid of this waste food but also we will get a very useful energy source that is Biogas which will reduce our LPG gas consumption for domestic as well as industrial application and can generate electricity depending upon the gas volume. The quantity and quality of fuel gas, which can be generated, in Waste Food Biogas System, is of great value. The resultant slurry mass produced from these Biogas Plants, is a rich fertilizer. Our Biogas plants works on the principle for Tri –phasic anaerobic process & thus give excellent process control and uninterrupted supply of Bio Gas.Standard Pre fabricated and ready to fit models along with Gas burners are available.

Biogas Plants Ideally Suited For,

• Residential Townships
• Hotels
• Industrial Canteens
• Vegetable oil refineries
• Educational Institutes, hostels, Hospitals
• Food processing units
• Organic Sludge processes
• Market Yards
• Poultry
• Individual Bungalows