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Rain Water Harvesting

Having focus on Water conservation, we design, supply implement Rain Water Harvesting(RWH) system and component for

  • Roof top RWH
  • Surface RWH
  • RWH filters
  • Rain Water catchment and collection system
  • Harvested Rain Water utilization systems

How much is the potential of Rain water conservation:

As per Pune’s rainfall intensity i.e.@650-700 mm per season, every 1000 sq. ft terrace will yield around 60000 litres of rain water per season. i.e. @ 6 tankers. Which any way going waste without rain water harvesting. Thus, please measure your top terrace and compute the rain water quantity.

Project Cost: RWH project cost depends upon following factors

  • Terrace area.
  • Arrangement of existing rain water drop pipes & length of common interconnection header.
  • Qty of Rain water filters.
  • Length of pipe line from filtration to recharge bore well or Water tank.

Since every building layout is unique and thus exact price & option of RWH will depend upon actual site visit & survey.

We being RWH system manufacturer and RWH supplier also offer our services for Site survey prior to implement  Rain Water Harvesting.

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