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Biogas Plant

We are Biogas PlantManufacturer and Biogas Plant Supplier based on anaerobic treatment concept. We implement Biogas Plants based on NISARGRUNA concept developed by Bhaha Atomic Research Centre, (BARC).
These Biogas Plants are supplied and installed based on,

  • Floating Dome Biogas concept
  • Fixed dome Biogas concept
1 Principal of operation Anaerobic Digestion to Produce Methane
2 Time required to process the batch One day after stabilization
3 Area requirement Smaller foot prints
4 Ambiance & surrounding of the system Neat & clean system
5 Hygiene Since this is a closed loop system hence more hygienic
6 By products 1.Bio Gas
2.Electrification (depends on the quantity)
3.Organic Fertiliser
7 Utility of by products 1.Saving in LPG for cooking
2.Saving in electricity consumption
3. Alternative to chemical fertilizers
4.Farming & gardening
8 Environmental aspects Eco-friendly system reduces eco-foot prints in terms of transportation & disposal of waste & usage of renewable fuels. Achieve the energy conservation due to value added byproducts.
9 Utility consumption Utilities requirements in terms of water & electricity is less because if available treated waste water from existing sewage treatment plants can be used in the slurry preparation which reduces the water consumption. Similarly, since this is anaerobic process (i.e. works in absence of air hence energy required for decomposition is very less as compared to any aerobic process.